Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Lesson In Density

This weekend not only did I get a glorious nap, a new computer system from my hubby, lots of loving from my kiddos I also got one more very special treat. WB, my engineering hubby, decided to give the girls a lesson on density.

This is WB explaining the lesson (yes that facial hair is new, don't ask!!)

WB explaining to the girls how to measure by looking at the meniscus.

Little One ready to record data:)

WB used oil, saltwater, water, and alcohol which they measured and weighed to determine the density. First they put oil and water in a glass to see what would happen. Em learned how to do math equations using grams per milliliters. She followed along remarkably well for a fourth grader. Soph also understood certain concepts I was not sure she would grasp being 7, but she hung in there. I refrained from telling WB that this was a lesson I did in my 7th grade science class, which they struggled with. I'm glad I did because the girls understood more than I thought they would and enjoyed themselves in the process.

Isn't it cool when you make liquids pile up like this?

The last thing they did was to determine the density of a tomato and make a hypothesis as to where it would get stuck in their density parfait.

They had a blast, absorbed what they needed too, and spent a fun afternoon learning with WB!


  1. Science experiments are the best! Especially when Dad does them!

  2. What a great teacher--but the facial hair??? WHAT is that? Makes him look VERY distinguished!

  3. can he come to my house? we never get to the fun stuff!