Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring Is In The Air


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Spring is in the air here at Cotton-Top Hills.  My girls love the wildflowers popping up around the place.


They also enjoy watching the wildlife.  Recently, we have been sitting at our front window each morning watching all the birds coming and going.  They are quick to notice the birds are coming in pairs. 

 IMG_6854 sept.07 026

This always starts some interesting discussions.  They talk about how the quail, for instance, come in their little coveys through the fall and winter, but as the weather warms they begin to pair off.  They watch as males scare off potential suitors  and feel sorry for the single quail without a mate.   IMG_6847

As the weather gets warmer they know to watch for the sun loving reptiles that start stirring.

IMG_3671IMG_1645Em came across a Horny  Toad the other day, which is one of our favorites. They are really very sweet, I promise!

Enjoy the sweet days of Spring and all the learning experiences they provide.

Do your kids have a favorite bird?

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