Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day Of School Pictures


Last week was our first day of school. We had just returned home from a month long trip in Houston, where it was the hottest summer on record.  Not really where you want to be when they are breaking those kind of records. So imagine our surprise when we went outside to take our school pictures, we had to run back inside to grab our sweaters.  Love that panhandle of Texas weather.





Emma Lu starts the 5th grade this year. (Emma Lu is not her real name, but for some reason I have started calling her this.)






This is Soph who is starting the 3rd grade. She is threatening to outgrow us all this year.






IMG_7736 (2)And here is my baby, sweet Little One.  She is starting Pre-K this year. She is 3 and ready for math, spelling, and work.  She repeats this to me everyday.

Last year we named our school Where The Red Yucca Grows:IMG_7738

This year Soph asked if we could implement a uniform policy.  You know, so we don’t have to pick out our clothes each day.  I’m not sure what kind of school I am running here, but I sure do love it!

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