Thursday, September 24, 2009

Field Trip To Lubbock

Post Written by Em

Soph, Uncle Ross, Little One, and Me

On Wednesday we went to Lubbock. It was fun. We went there because my dad had a business trip in Lubbock.

While we were there we went on a field trip to the hospital where my Uncle Ross works. First he showed us his office where we met several nurses and a doctor. One of the nurses gave us a goody bad with pens and pads of paper. Then we went on a tour of the actual hospital.

We saw several floors where we could not enter. Uncle Ross said we might get sick if we went onto these floors because there were lots of very sick people. We did get to visit some floors that we were able to go onto. One was the pediatric floor. This is where children who are sick are cared for. One neat thing about this floor was that if you were sick you and your family were given a ceiling tile to decorate. They then hung it on the ceiling of your room.
Little One having a snack that Uncle Ross got for her when she was tired.

We then went to the MICU where most of Uncle Ross' patients were cared for. We got to sit in the nurses station and look on a computer at MRI'S and X-Rays. I learned that cat scans take pictures in slices. They were cool.

We met Dr. Joe and two other PA's that Uncle Ross works with. They were very nice. Later we had lunch with all of them in a meeting room. We got to see on a large projector more cat scans, MRI's, and X -rays. We saw what a broken hip looks like, a crushed spine, and a pacemaker inside a man's body.

We had such a great time seeing Uncle Ross and learning all about what he does at the hospital!


  1. Wow! What a great trip! It sounds like you learned a lot and had fun, too. :)

  2. What a wonderful treat you had. That is very special. Did you know that the ceiling tile art was Uncle Ross' idea when he was working at the pediatric information desk while in college? He noticed that the children often got bored at night and he started doing that to entertain them. The idea caught on and has evidently been carried on to this day.

  3. How cool, he didn't tell us that! We had a great time, quite the experience:)

  4. Great post, Emma! I enjoyed reading this!