Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Excavation Projects

They say children start learning when in the sand box. Well, I have to agree. Em and Soph tackled the project of cleaning out the sand box yesterday. Let me back up and tell you why this was necessary.

It seems all cats, whether wild or domesticated, like to use sand boxes for a litter box. Hmmm, see I thought only indoor little kitties did that sort of thing. So imagine my horror at finding our sand box the new bathroom for all the wild cats we started feeding this winter. Yes, this seems to be common place because whenever I mention it to someone they just nod and say something like, "Yes, yes, that is why you should cover your sandbox". Okay, I am obviously the only person on the planet that doesn't know such things about cats.

Anyway, the girls got their shovels and wheelbarrow and set to work.

Within five minutes a discovery was found by Soph.

It was a bone!

Em decided they had found some owl pellets. We discussed the probability of owl pellets being found underneath the play set and decided that wouldn't easily be possible. Soph declared it was coming from the cat poop as she excitedly shoveled more sand, poop, and bones.

Upon closer inspection we found that some of the bones were hollow. Hmmm, what animal has hollow bones? Yep, birds. My girls were excited by their dig and findings.
Amazing, what a trip to the sandbox can teach you!


  1. Wow! What a lesson! It's good to learn from real life like that.

    Claire learned that if you bring acorns home and put them in a plastic box and leave them for a couple weeks you might get a box full of maggots!

    We now have a "no acorns in the house" policy!

  2. Aimee, love the acorn policy! Sometimes we learn the hard way:)