Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Homeschool Adventure

The girls and I once again went along with WB to Lubbock on one of his trips. This time we decided to check out the Lubbock Lake Landmark Museum. We woke up that morning to winds gusting around 30 miles per hour and a definite chill in the air. But never mind that, we are homeschool adventurers.
The museum is fairly new and although small very nice inside. There was even an area for some hands on fun, which the girls enjoyed.
What they didn't enjoy was the room with the life size mannequins of Native Americans skinning buffalo etc. Much to my horror they all panicked and refused to look at this room. Where did this behavior come from? I was disappointed because both girls are working on a project about Texas Native Americans and I was looking forward to exploring this room. Honestly, I am not letting them watch Night at the Museum anymore. I had no idea it would turn them into jumpy, paranoid museum goers. Hmpf!
Outside there are many trails to follow where active excavations are going on. Well, not active now, but in the summer months. We set out on the trail with no other human in sight. It was just us and thousands of years of artifacts lurking just below the surface. Oh, and a few life size replicas of things like a 3 foot tall armadillo and some gigantic mammoths. All animals whose bones have been found at this site.
Anyways as we walked the trail, with the wind howling across the plains, you couldn't help but feel the presence of other beings. I kept looking over my shoulder expecting one of those Plains Indians to come swooping down upon us with spear drawn. Okay, no more movie watching for me either. But as we stopped to look at one excavation site down in a ravine I really felt as if eyes were upon us.
Then Soph screeches, "There, look there. There it is!" Jumping up and down pointing at a wall of dirt.
The rest of us peer in the direction she is pointing seeing nothing. I am reminded of yet another movie, the one where the kid sees dead people. That settles it, I am just never going into the theaters again!
"There a... a wolf. No, no a coyote." Still pointing her finger at the mound of dirt and jumping up and down. I clutch Little One to me afraid at any moment we are going to be devoured by a pack of wolves. You know, the variety that roam the fringes of Lubbock.
Finally I see this.
Zooming in I realize it is a fox.
He is sitting very calmly watching us from his perch. Soph finally exclaims, "No a fox!" We watch each other for a few minutes while I desperately try to handle camera and two year old. I realize my settings are off and before I can correct it the fox is gone.
Whew, the excitement. Who knew going to a museum could get the adrenaline pumping so hard? Needless to say the girls enjoyed the trip and probably won't forget it anytime soon.
Don't you just love homeschool adventures?


  1. I homeschooled my boys. Our girls (adopted) went to school. I came into their lives when they were teens and it was best not to upset what they knew as normal. All our kids are grown accept my youngest. I continue to homeschool him, now. I would not take anything for our time together.
    You have a great blog. I look forward to getting to know you.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  2. LOL, great post. I get antsy like that too, feeling like I'm watched. And my fear of sharks came directly from the movie Jaws :) Hubby and I are going to watch A Haunting in Connecticut (if the baby goes to bed on time) I wonder if it's a bad idea!