Thursday, January 21, 2010

Math Story by my 7 year old

The other day at breakfast we were looking out the window and some blackbirds that were gathering on our playhouse roof. We watched as they flew in and flew off one by one. Soph, my 7 year old, started to make addition and subtraction problems as the birds came and went. We got to talking about how this would be a great idea for a counting book, one not only she but her younger sister could enjoy. That afternoon she sat down at the computer and quickly typed out her story. We edited it together for misspellings and punctuation.

It was a simple exercise that involved math, writing, grammar, and creativity. For me it embodies the ideal learning experience.

7 birds sitting on a playhouse, 1 flew away.
1 more flew away. Now there were 5.
One was pecking on the wood. One was looking up at the blue sky. One was black as can be. And one more flew away.

She added some clip art, but I can not get that to copy here. I still need some lessons on copy and pasting into my blog posts:)

Do you have some neat ideas for math books? I'd love to hear.


  1. That is great! What a creative girl you've got!

    I've posted about a photo contest on my blog if you want to check it out. You and Scott take such great pictures!

  2. That's great she is so creative! My daughter loves math. She does extra pages from her workbook each day on her own. Strange, I know. Sorry no good idea's from me.

  3. I love that idea!
    Your a great mom!