Thursday, March 18, 2010

Preschool Counting With Daddy

Daddy is not home very often on school days, but when he is everyone gets excited. Well, the older girls are excited until Daddy asks them to memorize the periodic chart or explain Einsteins Theory of Relativity. Then they remind him they are 7 and 10 and are not studying that. In which hubby, WB, always responds with some remark about how age shouldn't hinder there learning and how they need to challenge their minds. And before I know it I have a mutiny on my hands. Okay, this does not always happen just sometimes.

So when he was off the other day I put him in charge of Little One. He immediately said to her, "Let's go count" and scooped up an armful of fruit. I gave him some peanuts and an empty egg carton. Later I peaked in on them and found them very busy in the guest bedroom.

They were working with the peanuts and egg carton.

Little One was busy placing the peanuts in the carton as she counted them. She was doing very well. I have to say WB was right there with her, no mention of periodic tables or Noble gases or anything of the such. And my two older girls were breathing a sigh of relief in the other room.
What are some of your favorite preschool counting activities?


  1. I love when my husband gets involved with the schooling, the kids do too! Yay Dad!!

  2. how cute! I love it when Daddy helps with schooling, even if they add their own "touch"!

  3. When I was teaching Kindergarten we would string beads, count with legos, count candy, etc. In first grade we would get shaving cream and spray it on the desks...I would then have them practice writing and completing basic addition and subtraction. SO much fun!

  4. I love when Dad gets involved too! Mark, I love the shaving cream on desks, so much fun:)